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Hello! Many thanks for dropping by. What a strange few months it has been! I have been using the extra time that 2020 awarded me to develop new skills in live streaming, video editing and home recording.

In March 2020, John Spiers and I released our debut album, ‘Needle Pin, Needle Pin’ which is available here. The album features tracks that we have been developing over recent years. Some songs are from a new radio ballad that I put together during my residency at The Museum Of English Rural Life, in Reading, as part of the EFDSS ‘Musicians In Museums’ project. I am hoping to release the radio ballad version of this piece in the coming months.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge of learning how to adapt my music to be performed as a soloist, in my kitchen!  Since March, I have taken part in a number of live stream events and I have a few more coming up. When live gigs start to happen again, I will be very excited. I do miss interacting with the audience. In August, I took part in a 6 week project called ‘Global Music Match’ when I was matched with six acts from around the world and we spent some time sharing each others music to our audiences. This proved to be a lot of fun, and widened my knowledge a great deal! All the videos from this project are available on my YouTube Channel.

To keep in touch with you all whilst not being able to see you at gigs, I’ve started sending out news via a mailing list – fancy joining? It’s very quick and easy, and all new subscribers are rewarded with a free, brand new track to download. Sign up here.

See you soon,