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Singing and Instrumental workshops

Jackie is an experienced singing and music workshop leader and enjoys working with a range of age groups on a great many musical themes! Since her work with Shooting Roots as a teenager, Jackie has taught at a number of major festivals, leading workshops in fiddle skills, harmony, fiddle singing, vocal harmony and lullabies. She regularly teaches children in groups and individually.

Global Music Match

Global Music Match was a pilot initiative created by founding partners Sounds Australia, Showcase Scotland Expo and East Coast Music Association, along with export organisations and showcase events from around the world. 

The aim of the project was to continue raising the profile of local artists in international music markets within the challenging parameters of the COVID 19 pandemic. The program sought to make use of social media and peer-to-peer collaboration in order to increase networks and exposure for export-ready artists internationally. 

Jackie was one of twelve folk acts representing England, and was matched with artists from six different countries. Over the course of six weeks, she interviewed, collaborated and shared material over social media platforms.

Musicians In Museums

Jackie was the artist in residence at the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading, during 2018-2019, as part of the ‘Musicians In Museums’ project launched by EFDSS and Help Musicians Charity. During her residency, Jackie ran educational sessions on the theme of the ‘Tangible and the Intangible’ – teaching about English Folk Songs and their relation to the artefacts at the museum. 

Jackie also conducted a body of research on the role of folk song in local textile tradition, particularly hand bobbin lace making. 

The project culminated in a performance of her radio ballad ‘The Lacemakers – The Lost Art Of Telling’, at South Street Arts Centre in Reading during January 2020, featuring renowned folk musicians John Spiers and Mike Cosgrave.

The performance explores the long lost tradition of lace telling – songs sung by the lace-making girls to both learn the intricacies of the task and as an outlet for the tribulations of the time. 

In Conversation With Trees

In Conversation With Trees was a unique musical collaboration specially curated by Fiona Talkington with Thomas Strønen, Hannah James and Jackie Oates.

The group had only been brought together a few days before and delivered a thoughtful and emotional piece which was rapturously received by the audience in St Mary’s Minster, Reading.

With occasional narrations from the pulpit by Fiona Talkington, the trio crafted an entrancing web of music, spoken word, song and wild clog dancing.